Who, What and Why Kaiser Alii?

Kaiser Alii is designer brand established in 2019 by designer, creator and multi artist 'Cecelia (cece) Davis'. constantly seeing her community being disrespected, disregarded not only in every day lives but in the fashion world as well, the outrage inspired her to use her talent and love for self expression in the most positive way she knew how. in her words " I think it's important to love who loves you, and support who supports you. there is nothing wrong with it, its only wrong when the people that support you feel disposable especially if those people are the reason your demographic is where it is today". to long people of other cultures and non cultures profited off the black community and their finesse just to turn around and publicly humiliate the power house of all cultures. BLACK PEOPLE. no matter how much you wear these brands  when unfortunately we know they would not want us "minorities" in them. The Kaiser Alii brand is for everyone who loves everyone, who stands for and by everyone in each individual kreative soul. a individual who lives out loud as a kreative kreator, all this color and all this style, we see you and your colors your style and we appreciate you for all your very own individual kreative drip and finesse. regardless what it is own it, show it and show out for it big, small, med, tall and all the colors in the universe the Kaiser Alii Team Appreciates you all.