Meet the Kreator!!


Welcome to! My name is CECE, but most people know me as "@KAISERALII" or formally knew me as "S'evyn Andrea". I am a designer, tattoo artist, song writer among many other talents of mine overall I am an artist, and as well as a YouTube creator! I use my channel to make people laugh, lift their spirits and to create a platform where my supporters can get to know me outside

“KAISERALII” is a major label apparel brand that embraces black culture and urban fashion with confidence. We provide quality and affordable HANDMADE pieces for 'THE ARTIST' on a global scale. While our choice of style is often labelled as "weird" and "unappealing", the purpose of this collection is to help people of color realize that the community we are apart of is trendsetting, beautiful and unique. 


My message to other black kreators, artist, business minds, inspirations around the world is that, you don’t have to take on the opinions of others in this world. Your STYLE, your PERSONALITY, your INDIVIDUALITY and your “BLACK” is beautiful.